We will be conducting optional Pre-conference Workshops packed with new skills and knowledge that you can immediately start using. Every participant will receive a Certificate of Completion.

All workshops will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 18th November at the Mooloolaba Campus of Sunshine Coast TAFE.

The 90 minute workshops are $99 AUD per workshop with a 25% discount for two workshops ($150). Afternoon Tea is included. Register for workshops when you complete your conference registration.

Workshop Timetable

1pm - 2:30pm



Nancy White

NB: this workshop runs 1pm-4:30pm. You cannot combine this workshop with any other.

Stewarding Technology for Communities

Do you use technology to support groups and communities? Are you a leader or community facilitator who is tasked with picking and using these tools? Come explore useful practices to pick, set up and use those technologies. Work hands on to assess what your community needs and explore your options. Work in small groups to visit existing communities, test tools and finish with a plan for your ongoing work. This workshop is grounded on the work Nancy has done with Etienne Wenger and John Smith as part of their new book "Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities." It is best suited for people who are leaders, facilitators or technology supporters for existing or planned groups, communities or networks. You will work with your community's needs and issues. Participants will be given selected chapters from the book.

Workshop 1:

Carole McCulloch

Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

Learn how to manage your online spaces! Learn how to tame those rampant runaway communications! Create a quiet space for yourself - a haven where you have all of your tools, networks and projects in the one place.

Build a Personal Learning Network!

In this workshop you will see how easy it is to create your own Network space and discuss the issues of portability of our PLNs. A demonstration of some of Coach Carole's favourite teaching multimedia toys and gadgets will also feature in this workshop.

Workshop 2:

LT2009 Program Committee

First Timers

This is a FREE workshop for those who are new to the LT2009 conference (or have been confused in the past!). We'll explain all of the online tools we use to stay in contact with each other and the outside world during the conference. You'll learn about Twitter, live blogging, Nings and any other fascinating tools we find to use this year. If you have a laptop, iPhone, PDA or any type of portable device, bring it along and you can set up your own accounts to participate in the online dialogue during and after the conference. If you don't have a portable device - don't worry you'll learn all about these online tools & how to set them up when you return home.

Workshop 3:

Joyce Seitzinger

Introduction to Moodle

This workshop will introduce you to the open source Learning Management System - Moodle. You will play in a 'sandpit' course site to change its look and feel, add resources (bring your own pictures, documents and presentations if you want) and set up learning activities such as discussion forums and wikis. This workshop is suitable for those who have little to no experience with learning management systems.

Workshop 4:

Liddy Neville

Participants as Multimedia Online Experts from Scratch

Participants will see how Scratch, a free comprehensive programmable multi-media environment, uses social networking to support users as they build projects about what is of concern to them. Scratch is not just a tool but a community, an environment, that was designed to ensure users would:

  • have fun
  • inadvertently learn basic good computer science principles
  • develop their creativity as a systematic skill
  • collaborate with others by sharing ideas, code, help and product
  • evaluations
  • be linked to a 'Scratch board' to drive robots etc and to take
  • input from the real world
  • be linked to other sources of info on the Web - eg take in weather
  • data to use it.


2:30pm - 3pm



3pm - 4:30pm



Stewarding Technology for Communities (cont)

Workshop 5:

Lynn McAllister & Kim Hauville


This workshop will involve whole group discussion, small group discussion and sharing and personal reflection activities. We will introduce attendees to the concept of ePortfolio as process and pedagogy. They will engage in the ePortfolio process using scaffolding resources and frameworks which support both educators and students in their use of ePortfolios. Each attendee will develop an "experience" typical of the type of record collected in an ePortfolio. The activities are independent of any particular ePortfolio tool so the workshop is not limited by the application used by the attendees.

Workshop 6:

Joyce Seitzinger

Engaging Activities for Moodle

In Moodle it is very easy to set up learning activities for you and your students. A forum, a wiki or a chat room is only one click in the drop-down menu away. Often however, setting it up is one thing, getting students to participate is more difficult. This session will provide you with some insights into the dynamics of an online course or course activity, suggest ideas for motivating & challenging learning activities that involve forums and wikis (and if time allows others) and take you through the steps of creating & writing your own learning activities to wow your students.

Workshop 7:

Roger Edmonds & Dr Olivia Clarke

Explore The Le@rning Federation's digital curriculum resources using Scootle.

With all schools, and the TAFE and university sectors across Australia, now having the option to access The Le@rning Federation's digital curriculum resources, this workshop is designed as a hands-on opportunity to learn about and explore the more than 9000 items using TLF's purpose-built repository, Scootle ( Regardless of how you might normally access the content at your institution, for this workshop, all participants will use a common Scootle guest log in to enable a common experience of the Scootle environment and for effective collaboration and discussion.

Workshop 8:

Carole McCulloch

Coach Carole's Top Tools

Join Carole on a journey into The Power Of You Online! Explore the top tools in her travel kit - tools that will get you on your way to powerful teaching practices online.

  • Collaboration power with Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar
  • Communication power with Learn Central and Elluminate Live V room
  • Blended delivery power with Wetpaint wiki and Moodle
In this workshop you will be able to create your own Google account; join Learn Central and get your own V room; create a wiki and join a Moodle sandpit.


Workshop Presenters

Dr Olivia Clarke

Dr Olivia Clarke is currently a senior project manager at The Learning Federation (TLF). Her role is to support education jurisdictions and sectors as they seek to implement the TLF digital content into their educational programmes. Olivia's doctoral studies focused on a comparative study of new multimedia environments for teaching and learning in schools in California and Victoria. She has been Curriculum Coordinator and Director of Professional Development at PLC, Melbourne and a teacher of History and Indonesian language.

Roger Edmonds

Roger Edmonds leads the development of strategies, programs and policies to deliver digital content, videoconferencing, virtual classrooms and online collaborative work spaces to South Australian government K-12 schools. Roger was awarded the Centenary Medal of Australia for developing Australia's Centenary of Federation's Connecting the Kids online curriculum project.

Kim Hauville

Ms Kim Hauville is the ePortfolio Service and Project Manager at QUT. Ms Hauville has been involved with ePortfolio at QUT since its inception in 2003 and has worked directly with staff and students using ePortfolio since this time. Ms Hauville has a background in psychology, 9 years experience in Information Technology contexts, and seven years experience in the Higher Education Sector covering project management, infrastructure management, systems development and quality standards.

Lynn McAllister

Lynn McAllister is currently the Senior Support Officer for the QUT Student ePortfolio and also lectures in the Faculty Of Science and Technology. Lynn has been at QUT since 2003 and has worked on numerous projects including the Australian ePortfolio Project and in the QUT Library as Liaison Librarian with the Faculty of Education (Maths, Science and Technology). Her areas of interest are evidence based practice and eLearning design, in particular, development and support of the ePortfolio pedagogy to enhance students' learning outcomes. She has academic qualifications spanning librarianship and education.

Carole  McCulloch

Carole McCulloch is an E-learning Consultant working independently for her business, Macro Dimensions. Her coaching, mentoring and e-learning strategies updates are located at her blog: Carole aka Coach Carole is an explorer by nature and always willing to share innovative practices for all practitioners. She has been a researcher and influencer in up-to-date research on such E-learning trends as: Embedding Innovative Practices and Measuring the Impact of Champions on e-learning capability.

Over the years, Carole has been a Flexible Learning Manager, Flexible Learning Leader, and E-learning Consultant. Carole conducts face-to-face workshops in digital storytelling, e-portfolios, personal and project learning spaces, embedding innovative practices and network building. Carole also provides PD on 'implementing e-learning creatively online' using WebCT, Moodle and Elluminate Live. She regularly provides training, moderation and facilitation services for groups wanting to use web conferencing platforms such as Elluminate Live.

Liddy Nevile

Liddy Nevile has many years of experience with computers as 'extraordinary tools' to enhance teacher and learners' capacity to actively engage with relevant topics. She has spent many years with students of all ages and their teachers helping them adopt new ways of working effectively. Recently Liddy has spent time in Cambodia and Japan working with Scratch, and with the Scratch developers at MIT.

Liddy is an Adjunct Associate Professor at La Trobe University and specialises in educational standards for the World Wide Web.

Joyce Seitzinger

Joyce Seitzinger is an e-learning instructional designer and project manager who has worked on online learning projects since 1999. Despite having a Bachelors Degree in Celtic Studies, one of her first jobs was in e-learning and its creative and innovative nature has kept her there. Joyce moved to New Zealand in 2006, currently working as E-learning Advisor at EIT Hawke's Bay in Napier. She works closely with academic staff to design & develop online and blended courses. Current interests are Moodle, networked learning, online facilitation & instructional design. She has a Master of Education Technology from the University of Southern Queensland.